Personally Selected  -  Ethically Sourced  -  Hand-Crafted  -  One-of-a-kind  -  Designer Focused



Our furniture includes free-form suar wood slab tables with sonowood legs; unique reclaimed and recycled teak used to create tables and stools; glass end tables; oil drum table and chair sets; teak root and suar benches; reclaimed boat wood furniture, teak sculpture plinths as well as traditional Lombock designs complete with wooden hinges and more...
All pieces are unique with individual characteristic, while others are simply one of a kind that defy generalization ranging from cabinets created from actual boats to an ice box patio bar utilizing reclaimed boat wood.
All our wood is Certified Legal.


Our outdoor furniture selection includes traditional plantation teak patio sets and benches; free-form root benches (perfect to leave in the garden all winter or use indoors as a shoe bench); stone tables, chairs, birdbaths, planters and sculpture plinths with each piece crafted from a single big rock; reclaimed & recycled wood in many styles and designs; traditional Indonesian concrete tea table and stool sets as seen almost everywhere; and much more...
All our wood and stone is Certified Legal.


Our collection of oil and acrylic paintings represents a variety of local Indonesian artists and cover many themes.
Wood carvings include work in both teak and sonowood while focusing primarily on animal themes. Sculptures range from metal work to petrified wood and carved poured aggregate in a variety of motifs.
We carry both wood and stone plinths to feature your favourite sculpture on.



Picture a welcoming hand carved vase from a palm tree trunk greeting guests as the enter your home or office.
Our wide ranging collection of unusual and one of a kind decor items range from large onyx bowls to miniature bronze figurines.
Our dividers are created from a mixture of grass reeds and wooden stems to create the perfect accent screen.
Other items include authentic well used rice paddy shovels, petrified wood polished pillars, blown and cut glass, as well as many unique stylized teak bowls, troughs, vases and trees.



Our extensive stone selection includes rock lights created from a single stone to create that perfect mood along a garden path or around the patio.
Other items include a variety of bird baths, oil lamps, single stone troughs and bowls.
We have incredible planters created from hundreds of individual pebbles or transitional limestone pieces all set by hand onto a concrete shell.
In addition we have stone sinks perfect for indoors, outdoors or halfway in between as a patio wet bar sink.
Our garden stone was selected to coordinate perfectly with our single stone outdoor furniture or let it become your stand alone garden centerpiece. Please call us to discuss DIY design options or have your Landscape Designer contact us for further information.



From Buddhas to Zebras and from miniatures to life size. Available in traditional and brown finish and cast from high quality forms with extensively carved detail. Our casts are primarily made from volcanic lava rock or basalt. Lava rock is recognized for its grounding qualities providing a calming yet intense energy. It is considered to be a stone of rebirth and shedding unneeded layers of emotional attachment. Lava stone is believed to stabilize and ground the root chakra because of it's birth by fire within the center of the earth.


Some things just don't fit in a regular category or are so special they deserve to be mentioned more than once.
Our polished inside, natural finish outside, petrified wood sinks certainly fit that description. Petrified wood (from the Greek root petro meaning "rock" or "stone"; literally "wood turned into stone") is the name given to a special type of fossilized remains of terrestrial vegetation. It is the result of a tree or tree-like plants having completely transitioned to stone by the process of permineralization. (ref Wikipedia)
We also have petrified wood cross-cut sectional slabs mounted on display stands as well as free standing polished pillars - both are guaranteed to be conversation pieces.



Zen Garden Imports

Zen Garden Imports, St. Andrews, NB, Canada

image Zen Garden Imports, a division of Tradewinds Imports, is a "direct from manufacturer" importer of unique patio furniture and garden accessories. We personally select and ethically source all products direct from indigenous craftspeople to promote the creative talents and economic viability of local communities.

This website presents a sampling of products currently available. For more information on our inventory and business practices please Contact Us .

Open Saturdays 10-4 from May 1st to September 31st, and by chance or appointment all year except January and February.